The Buying Journey

We want to share in your exciting journey in buying a home and help all we can, every step of the way. Our sales team have visited all the houses, so they can talk knowledgeably about our available properties. We have over twenty years experience selling houses in the Fowey Estuary and our team lives, works and plays here too.

Our houses all have great ‘real’ photos with easy to read floor plans that help make sense of the space. We accompany all our viewings, so that you can have the freedom to explore your potential new home fully, without any distractions and so that we can learn with you what it is you are really looking for.

Many homes in our area are sold as holiday homes and with this in mind we have teamed up with Classic Cottages to carry out a brief review of suitable houses, together with an income expectation report. Further to this we give guidance and ideas on what might be done to further enhance a property.

We have great working relationships with local solicitors, surveyors and specialist mortgage advisers - people we have worked with many times over who we are happy and confident to recommend.

Our sister company The Clementine offers interior design advice and ideas for homes. The website can be explored by clicking here and the shops are next door to Fowey River in Fowey and behind the Cathedral in Truro.

"We think Fowey is the perfect place for holidays with our young family – beautiful town, beaches, sailing and cliff walks. Fowey River helped us find a lovely cottage here and provided an excellent service throughout the process of buying it."

Why Buy on the Fowey Estuary

Fowey is a bustling sailing town on the South Cornish coast, beautiful, historical and full of life.
It is said to be one of the best waterside towns in the UK to live in, with independent shops, restaurants and great sailing waters all adding to the normal everyday facilities.

There are creeks to explore, sandy beaches to laze on and many boats to adventure in.
Busy in the summer with many visitors, the Sailing Regatta week in August sees numbers reach their peak. In Winter the town, whilst quieter is still thriving and welcomes many walkers and those wanting to stop and stare.

Fowey is home to many locals who have lived here for generations. Many have also chosen to make it their home in recent years - lured by the very different way of life that it offers.There are also those who invest in Fowey by owning a second home. This maybe holiday let, long term let or keep for personal use to escape to, whenever life allows. Everyone adds to the life and vibrancy of the town and allows it to be what it is today.

Fowey has been home to and inspired many great writers and artists over the years with Daphne Du Maurier, Sir Arthur Quiller Couch, Kenneth Grahame and Mabel Lucie Atwell being a few. A literary festival is held annually in Fowey every May to celebrate, remember and to be enjoyed.

Buying a home to holiday let

Buying a holiday home is a decision made with the head as much as with the heart, as your property will not only become a part of your families memories, but if managed correctly can also be part of their financial future.

It maybe that you are considering whether to holiday let your property or long term let it. We are happy to advise on this too and can talk you through the pros and cons of both, related to the specific property. Our friends at Classic Cottages can give you advice on how much holiday income is realistic. Classic have been in the business nearly 40 years and pride themselves on finding quality holiday homes that people fall in love with. From renovating and decorating to housekeeping and maintenance, they can hold your hand every step of the way, ensuring your property is configured and presented in a way that will maximise its rental potential.

If you choose to long term let your property we offer a full management service, which includes finding the new tenant, collecting the monthly rental payments and dealing with all tenant and maintenance needs and enquiries.